Mission Statement

The primary mission of our medical practice is to provide service to the people of our community. That is our top priority. Everything we do is aimed at that primary objective. On a daily basis, we care for the sick, elderly and disadvantaged. Emotionally, they are at there lowest point. We aim to be compassionate, understanding and sympathetic.

The other mission of our practice is to provide the quality care in the field of Gastroenterology. As part of that goal, we have an Ambulatory Surgery Center next to our medical office. This center is Medicare Certified and provides an opportunity for patients to have their procedure(s) done outside a hospital setting at substantially lower costs, yet with state-of-the-art equipment. In addition, for patient comfort, an Anesthetist will be available for sedation.

We want our patients to be fully satisfied with our services. If for some reason our patient(s) are not happy with our service, we will attempt to resolve that problem as quickly as possible. Please inform your Doctor. Thank you.